Board Directors & Officers


Term Expires – December 31, 2021

Patty Kane                     Brian Reed

Dan Gapen                     Jim McCarthy

Term Expires – December 31, 2022

Hope Little                     Charles Manthey

Charles Calkins               Deb McGrath*

Term Expires – December 31, 2023

Bob Foote                      Art Anderson

Charlie Johnson            Terry Riban

*Rental Facilities Liaison 

Officers:   Term Expires December 31, 2022 

President — Doug Elrick

1st Vice President — Mike Maloney

2nd Vice President — Carolyn Edison

Hazelhurst Camp Vice President — Sharon Lemler

Spring Grove Camp Vice President — Erin Kiehm

Treasurer — Mark Sever

Recording Secretary — Leo Krusack

Senior Prairie Club Office Manager – Natalie Brennan

This corporation shall be known as the Prairie Club (“the Club”). The Club shall maintain a registered office and a registered agent, at the same location (“Club Office”), within the State of Illinois. (Prairie Club By-Laws, Article 1 Offices, (Approved August 9, 2014).