Beach Rules


LOCATION: Chikaming Township, Lake Michigan Marker:  12/8

Waterfront Director will be on duty from mid June  to mid August.

Waterfront Director Hours:  See the Beach Bulletin Board for the schedule.

  1. Waterfront Director has full authority on the beach, swimming and boating areas.
  2. RED FLAG:  Indicates Waterfront Director is not on duty and/or swimming conditions are very hazardous.
    YELLOW FLAG :  Indicates Waterfront Director is on duty, but advises that swimming conditions are not entirely safe.
    GREEN FLAG:  Indicates Waterfront director is on duty and swimming conditions are safe.
  3. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed on the beach in swimsuits unless accompanied by and adult, except when reporting for swimming lessons.
  4. Swimmers should stay in the designated swimming area, out of the designated boating area. Personnel shall refrain from sitting in the boat area.
  5. Do not play Frisbee or ball near other people on the beach.
  6. Fires are allowed on the beach only in the designated fire pit and the Braziers in the picnic area
  7. Pets are not allowed on the Prairie Club Beach.  Owners who wish to walk their pet along the waters edge must access the beach on the dog access path located north of the Beach Bulletin Board between June 1 and October 1. Dog access is only allowed in the morning before 10 AM (ET) and in the evening after 7 PM (ET).
    1. Trash and refuse must not be left on the beach.  Positively no glass of any kind is allowed.  There is no garbage collection, each person is responsible for removal of their own litter.
    2. Use racks for storage of umbrellas, chairs and toys.  Keep chairs and other beach paraphernalia south of the boat storage area.  Two green posts mark the end of the beach paraphernalia storage corridor.
    3. All beach paraphernalia must be removed from the beach and storage area by the first Sunday in November.  Any remaining paraphernalia will be removed and discarded.
  9. Boats should be kept out of the swimming area and should be beached ONLY in the boat area.  Unidentified/ Abandoned boats may be disposed of by the Beach Chairman.
  10. All catamarans and canoes MUST be secured from high winds using a    buried cinder block or similar arrangement.  These anchors should be removed during winter boat storage.
  11. Boaters MUST yield to all persons in and out of the water when landing boats.  Boaters operating their vessels in an unsafe manner may be denied access to the beach.
  12. Personal Water Craft (PWC) such as jet skis or similar are not allowed on or near the beach.
  13. The Waterfront Director’s safety equipment (i.e. rescue board, defibrillator, first aid kit) is for the use of the WATERFRONT DIRECTOR, except for emergencies when the Waterfront Director is not on duty.
  14. NO alcoholic beverages are allowed on the beach area or beach paths.
  15. Smoking is prohibited on the beach.