Legacy Pavilion Rules & Policies

The purpose of the Legacy Pavilion (LP), which includes the adjacent Legacy Pavilion Grilling Station, is to serve as valued amenity of Camp Hazelhurst to foster and encourage the distinctive culture of community in our Camp.  The LP rules and policies are designed to define the access and use, the on-going management and operation.

The Legacy Pavilion, including the adjacent Grilling Station, is operated, maintained and managed by the Legacy Pavilion Committee and designated chairperson(s) and is a component of the Hazelhurst Operating Committee.

SECTION A:  Access and use; rules and policies:

  1. The LP structure is provided to accommodate individual members and multiple groups of members and their guests
  2. The LP Calendar of Events:  The Legacy Pavilion Committee Chair(s), or designee, shall manage a working calendar of scheduled and reserved activities for the LP.  This will be posted and act as the working calendar of availability of the LP.
  3. Family/group or potlucks: Membership group potlucks and social gatherings are encouraged at the LP.
    1. Access Rules:  To accommodate multiple groups at one time should it arise, one group cannot utilize more than one-quarter of the picnic tables and/or one-quarter of the Pavilion slab.  If this group does expand and need to overflow into a larger area or utilize more picnic tables, they are welcome to do so.  However, should another group show up to also seek to utilize the LP, each group must accommodate the other group by reverting to their allotted space and picnic table count and make accessible the space and tables to the other party as needed. 
    1. Scheduled Camp Hazelhurst exclusive-use camp activities and functions will have priority of use, full or partial, of the LP over other groups or individuals
    1. Overflow by a group may also utilize the lawn area surrounding the Legacy Pavilion but must make the allotted picnic tables available to other group(s) as defined above
  4. Clean-up procedures:  Remove trash, clean the area and replace furniture and picnic tables properly spaced on the LP floor. 
  5. Amplified music is allowed at low levels and only if no others are present at or near the Legacy Pavilion, unless it is designated as part of an official Camp Hazelhurst event
  6. Quiet Hours:  Legacy Pavilion users will follow the quiet hour rules; see Hazelhurst Rules, Section 3- Quiet HoursThe Chikaming Township noise ordinance (which applies to Camp Hazelhurst) prohibits excessive noise (e.g., loud radios, barking dogs, etc.) at all times and, between the hours of 10 PM (ET) and 7 AM (ET), prohibits noise which is plainly audible at a distance of fifty (50’) feet from its point of origin. To foster a sense of community everywhere in Camp, our own quiet hours will be maintained between 10 PM (ET) and 8 AM (ET). During quiet hours, noise is to not disturb the nearest cottage and/or rental facility room.
  7. Alcohol: Alcohol use is not permitted at the Legacy Pavilion. See Hazelhurst Rules, Section 6- Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted on the beach or in any areas outside of a Siteholder cottage or Prairie Club rental facility.

SECTION B:  Exclusive Use; rules and policies:

  1. While the LP is designed as a shared-use facility to foster and encourage camp gatherings, there are certain events and functions at the LP which will be reserved for “Camp Hazelhurst Exclusive Use” which will be provided and reserved as a set reserved date and time.   These events and usage are to be coordinated with the Hazelhurst calendar managed by the LP Committee and will have use priority of the LP facilities over individual or group use.
  2. Defined categories of Exclusive Use:
    1. Camp Hazelhurst Exclusive Events”:  Official Camp Hazelhurst events, meetings and Camp social activities
      1. I.e. 4th of July event, Ice-cream social, Siteholder meeting, HH Speaker events, HH Music shows, Annual PC meeting, HH Jr events, Monday morning coffee, Camp events, etc..
      1. Camp Hazelhurst organized camp-wide member potlucks and/or member social gatherings  (i.e. A short-notice camp-wide potluck event -to be open and welcoming to all siteholders)
    1. Private Exclusive Events with off-site guests”:   This is defined as a reserved LP full-use activity, where a majority of attendees are guests and likely not members or siteholders, such as weddings, family reunions, receptions, etc..  A “Private Exclusive Events with off-site guests” use rule and policy is not yet established nor is this event authorized by Camp Hazelhurst.
    1. Private Exclusive Events with on-site Camp members”:  This is defined as a reserved LP full-use activity, where the attendees are either Siteholders or on-site registered renters utilizing and renting the rental properties
      1. Reservation for such an event must be administered through the LP Committee and must not conflict with other Camp Hazelhurst Exclusive Events.   
  3. Use by Hazelhurst renters:  Though located directly adjacent to the Farmhouse rental facility, the LP and LP Grilling Station rules and policies apply to all renters and will be posted in their rental policy. 

SECTION C:  Legacy Pavilion Grilling Station; rules and policies:

  1. The Grilling Station has been provided by generous siteholder donations as a component of the Legacy Pavilion to provide a shared, year-round community use of outdoor grilling as a component of the Legacy Pavilion
  2. Shared use:  Exclusive use (defined as being commandeered, used or reserved for the exclusive or majority use by one person or group) of the Grilling Station is not allowed, unless defined as a Camp Hazelhurst Exclusive Event.  The Grilling Station and grills are to be shared equally where members (including a potluck group) shall make all efforts to accommodate others and enhance our aspect of community engagement.  Should an exclusive use of the grills or the Grilling Station be needed, please refer to the LP Exclusive Use policy.
  3. Grilling Station clean up, including non-metal brush scrub of the grilling surface is required by the user after each use.  If a grill cover is provided, return to the Grilling Station and replace the grill cover(s) roughly one-hour after grills have been shut off, only after the grill temperature has cooled completely.  Manage and dispose of used charcoal and ashes in accordance with the on-site posted rules.

SECTION D:  On-going management and operation; rules and policies:

  1. The on-going management and operation of the Legacy Pavilion, including the Grilling Station, is managed by the Legacy Pavilion Committee and Chair
  2. Physical alteration of the LP facility, pathway or LP Grilling Station, either temporary or permanent, such as tacking, nails, posters, signage, including the addition of any enhancement(s) is not allowed until authorized by the LP Committee
  3. Damage to the LP facility, area, brick pathway or LP Grilling Station is subject to cost, repair and/or replacement by the individual(s) responsible for such damage