Season Pass

Who Needs To Purchase An Annual Season Pass?

An active member of the Prairie Club who does not own a cottage within the Hazelhurst camp, who is not renting a private cottage in the camp, who is not a guest of a cottage owner on the Hazelhurst grounds, or who is not renting a room or other space in any of the club-owned facilities, but who nevertheless wishes to use the beach, store beach equipment, use tennis courts, and grounds regularly (more than one occurrence at any time per month) during peak season of June, July, & August is required to purchase a Hazelhurst Season Pass from the club office per calendar year.

A). A Season Pass extends beach & tennis privileges to members of their immediate family & guests. Guests must be accompanied by a Season Pass holder. Privileges do not include non-family members of a Season Pass holder in the absence of that Season Pass holder.

B). To store a non-site holder’s boat and/or beach equipment on the beach or within camp property a Season-Pass must be purchase.

C). The Season Pass is nontransferable. 

Camp Rule #16. No more than twenty-three (23) Season Passes will be issued per calendar year; if twenty-three (23) passes have been issued, the Club office will establish and maintain a wait list for any Club member who wishes to apply for an available Season Pass.