Tennis Court Rules

1. Eligible Participants

   A.  Hazelhurst siteholders and members of their families.

   B.  Off-ground members of the Prairie Club who purchase a Hazelhurst Camp season pass.

   C.  Members staying at the Family Cottage, Farm House or Buena Vista.

2. Guests must play with one of the above eligible participants.

3. Eligible participants may reserve court time on a sign-up sheet posted at 7:00 PM (ET) the preceding day. 

4. Sign-up is limited to one (1) hour and must include all participants names and cottage site number, or the Season-Pass holder’s name.

5. A second sign-up for unused one (1) hour periods after 12:00 NOON (ET) is permissible for any eligible participants.

6. Play will begin and end on the hour.

7. Reservations will be held for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the court becomes available until the next reserved time.

8. Tennis shoes are required to use the tennis or basketball courts.

9. Bicycles, skate boards, etc., are prohibited on the courts.

10. Absolutely NO automobile parking is allowed on Chestnut Road for recreational activity. Please use the regular parking lot facilities.

The Tennis Committee Revised 4/88