2021 Membership Dues: $125 (1 year)

Any member whose dues have not been paid by March 15, shall be considered delinquent and not in good standing. Between March 16 & April 1 the delinquent member must pay a penalty of $25 in addition to the dues.

 There is a $5.50 transaction fee for online payments. 

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Member Name

Membership Benefits

Active Member: $125 – 1 yr

  • Access to Club property (Hazelhurst & Spring Grove Camps). Members who are not siteholders, renters, or guests of a siteholder or renter, and who plan to use Club property on a regular basis, more than once a month during the peak-season months of June, July, and August, MUST purchase a Season Pass.
  • Full participation in all Club activities
  • Subscription to The Prairie Club Bulletin
  • Rental of Prairie Club owned facilities
  • Purchase of private cottages (must be a member in good standing for two (2) years)
  • Eligible to vote in all Club elections and By-Law changes
  • Hold office or serve as committee Chairs
  • Sponsor new members (you must be a member for at least six (6) months to sponsor new members)
  • Supports conservation activities on organizations with which PC members are active, and with emphasis on Chicago, Berrien & McHenry County

Student Membership: $40.00

  • Intended for full time students, this category makes the transition to Active membership upon completion of school easier and encourages use of the Club and its scholarship program. All benefits of membership except Student members may not lease or buy property, sponsor new members, hold office or vote.

Senior Membership: $55.00

  • Person has been an Active member for 25 years and is at least 70 years of age. All benefits of active membership.